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For those wishing to design their own artwork onto our blank canvas files. In order to avoid complications it would make things easier if the designer can follow the following instructions:


1- Open canvas file with outline (call this "Layer 1"). Create a new layer ("Layer 2") and fill this with required background color/image and place all text/logos here


2- Move "Layer 1" to top and make this layer semi transparent so that you are able to see both layers


3- Move images and text so that it all fits inside the outline (at least 5mm inside it)


4- Delete or move "Layer 1" to back before saving as JPG or PDF file (include whether it's left or right in name of file). The final image should not show the stand outlines and should have the entire canvas filled with background color/image.


IMPORTANT- All images used should be original high quality CMYK files and 300 dpi plus the final design should be sent to us in this format.

The canvas files are 25 or 50% of print size and must be kept in the original size when sending back to us.

If you are sending more than 10MB please use a service such as

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